Prompt of the day: Age

Hi guys!!

So as a new segment for the blog, I’ve decided to start a word prompt of the day where blog The Daily Mail, will post a random word each day of which bloggers can take that word and talk about anything they’d like on a related topic. So here goes!


This topic is actually something that I’ve wanted to blog about for a while now. As an 18 year old girl, I’m at that age where more responsibilities are taken on, more freedom is given and we are still growing as members of society. But it’s hard. Real hard. You know when you’re parents used to say ‘don’t wish away your childhood years?’ and we’d take no notice because we just urged for the day we could literally do whatever we want? Oh how wrong we were, well at least in some ways. Over the last few months, I feel like I have really had a huge wake up call about Life and the experiences you face growing up. I can say that I’ve had times of my life where I wanted time to pause in those moments, I’ve had days where the darkness seemed like too much and I’ve had those days where you just think and think and think about everything around you and all these things you have in your life. I’ve made some incredible friends but I’ve lost so many along the way. But you know what? That doesn’t really matter to me. People come and go in your life for different reasons and I believe that they are always placed there to teach you something new about relationships with different people. Right now I am almost half way through my first year of my bachelors degree studying Business Management and I am so excited to see where the future takes me. I’m kind of glad that I’ve experienced all these different kinds of situations when I did. It brings something new out of you, a whole new perspective on life. I’ve learnt that life, time and the love people have for you and what you have for them is incredibly important. We get trapped in a never ending de ja vu of worrying about our finances and all these other ridiculous things when we should just be happy for our health and all that we have. I hope some of you can relate and I’m always open to hear what you think!! If you wanna try the word prompt then follow Daily Mail on reader and you’ll be prompted with something new each day! Thanks for reading!Love, Jess ❤️


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